Inflammation and Pregnancy

Women have some special hormone-related challenges when it comes to oral health, and that’s particularly true regarding the changes your body experiences when you’re expecting a baby. With all you have to think about when you’re pregnant, your oral health is probably way down the list of priorities — but it shouldn’t be. In fact,… [Read the full article]

The Use Of Lasers In Modern Dentistry

What do Star Wars, Pink Floyd, and modern dentistry have in common? They wouldn’t be possible without high-tech lasers! But lasers aren’t just something straight out of science fiction and psychedelic rock music. Lasers are one of the most versatile, most powerful, and most effective dental technologies available today. But there are so many misconceptions… [Read the full article]

What Exactly is Wholistic Dentistry?

If you’re a progressive and health-conscious San Franciscan you’re probably familiar with the term holistic dentistry. It’s a growing buzzword and one that treats dental health as an integral component of physical, emotional, and mental well-being. But what you may not be familiar with is the concept of wholistic dentistry. That’s how we approach patient care… [Read the full article]